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The Real Mothers Day Gift Guide

Posted by Donna Wingate on

Mothers Day!  I love the day, I love the idea of pouring love on our Mom or the Mom figure in our lives, and as a Mom, I love receiving it all.  What causes me dread and angst is the "what do I get her" question.  I am a mom and I must say the gifts are secondary to the time we spend together.

I have put together a Guide, some ideas I came up with that may help with the struggle of what to get MoM.  

First and foremost know your audience!  I can't stress this enough.  It is not so much about the gift but it is about being seen.  I think it was Sally Field in her acceptance speech at the Academy Awards, "you like me, you really like me".  Our loved ones what to feel that you see me, you like me, you love me.  So please keep that in mind when looking at that new toaster. 

With that in mind, some of my all-time favorite gifts have been jewelry, a composter, juicer, and framed photo of my granddaughter.  Again, it wasn't so much about the gift, it was about being seen and feeling loved. One more time, know your audience.

Personalized Gifts:

Here is a site that specializes in all things personalized.  My personal favorite is the personalized picture frames.  Things Remembered  from $8

Pet Lover:

Custom Pet Pillow, a little kitschy but fun. A lot of companies offer these but I found this one  PawJoy currently offering free shipping! price start $29.99

The Knitter:

Yarn Bowls to keep your yarn from tangling.  Gorgeous hand thrown stoneware bowl, just love these.  AviorPottery on ETSY   $28.00  

I love my Phone:

Don't we all and we like to customize them too. lets you design your own case for both iPhone and Galaxy.  prices start at $13.99

For the Love of Wine:

A nice bottle of wine a custom etched "mommy juice" wine glasses!  This ETSY shop among others offer lots of custom etched choices.  Can't go wrong with this one.

The Gardner:

A composter, that this is a higher end item but so worth it if you are a serious gardener.  Envirocycle composter.  What I like is that there are no metal parts to rust.  $259.00   Another great economical idea, seeds, Johnny Seed has a great assortment of quality seed and garden tools.  A bucket, a few tools, gloves, and seeds and your set to go!

The Reader/Writer:

Literary Scarves.  These unique infinity scarves have inscribed the words of you your favorite book.  Alice in Wonderland, Jane Ayre and more. $48  Erin Condren offers a colorful selection of journals and other stationery items that Mom will love.

Outdoors Women:

If paddle boarding is her thing a PFD is a must.  This type goes around your waist and gives to the backup safety that you need without being cumbersome. $69.99  They also carry stand up paddle boards starting at $549.


Most Moms like jewelry if not love it at this open heart necklace would surely warm Moms' heart.                                                            Personalized sterling silver jewelry by Word Wrap, all her creations are beautiful. starting at $22

Sustainable MoM:

Upgrade the supermarket shopping bag with a Woven French Market Basket. $31.00  Ceramic Keep Cup a sustainable way to enjoy beverages on the run, comes with silicone lid.  starts at $25

The Cook:

Now be careful with this one, I repeat know your audience.  The Zyliss cheese grater is a cooks kitchen must have.  Now the next item I don't have but I know lots of cooks who love the Instapot, it is the do-everything kitchen appliance, rice cooker, slow cooker, pressure cooker.

Still not sure:

A massage/facial/spa-day is always well received.  Gift certificates for mani/pedi, or local yoga, barre or Zumba class, or how about a class at your local nursery, art school, or museum.   

Remember that sometimes just spending time together and making memories is what Mom would love the most, a walk, hike, picnic, or brunch.  One of my fondest memories is my Dads birthday shortly after my mother passed.  My sister and I took him to a local seafood festival and rode the Ferris wheel and made great memories.

Happy Mothers Day! 


* I am not a paid affiliate with any of the products listed.  




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